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Ćurče - short upper female garment

Title: Ćurče - short upper female garment
Location/Region: Ritopek, Podunavlje-Danube area, around Belgrade
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Etnographic Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Serbian, Orthodox, rural
Material: Fur, silver like thread, cloth
Dimensions: L 33 cm
Production Technique: Tailors work


Made of black cloth, open at the front, reaching to the waist with long sleeves. Front halves are lined with fox fur especially emphasized around the neck and on the chests. Next to the fur are the “golden” cords (eight rows). Front halves have one tassel each made of “šik” (golden thread). Back, front halves and sleeves (at the end) are richly decorated with stylized floral patterns (flowers and leaves) made of “golden” thread and glitters. Relief embroidery. It was worn by brides in special occasions.