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Ada Kaleh I

Title: Ada Kaleh I
Author: Felix Philipp Kanitz
Chrolonology: 1800 - 1900
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: Around 1860
Dimensions: 17 х 36,5 cm
Production Technique: Watercolor


Felix Philipp Kanitz (1829 - 1904) an archaeologist, ethnologist, author of travel notes and illustrator. Kanitz gained his first drawing experience while working as an archaeological illustrator for magazines and newspapers. After studying history and ethnography in Munich, he travelled extensively and in 1858 he undertook a journey to Italy and Montenegro and later to Serbia and Bulgaria. He was the member of SRA. The National Museum in Belgrade keeps 12 of his works (watercolors). Signed in the bottom right: AdaKale