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Confluence in the winter

Title: Confluence in the winter
Author: Aleksandar Aca Simić
Location/Region: Belgrade
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: March 16th, 1929
Dimensions: 20,5 × 25,5 cm
Production Technique: Black-and-white photography, positive
Bibliography: Dаrkо Ćirić, Grаdski nоmаd: bеоgrаdski zаpisi fоtоrеpоrtеrа Аlеksаndrа Аcе Simićа, Bеоgrаd, 2011.


Icy Sava and Danube river confluence. In the foreground there are the steamboat Zemun and three barges chained in ice, and in the background there are the Great War Island and Zemun. Steamboat Zemun was damaged and began to sink in the winter port near Čukarički estuary, but was dragged by the icy river to the confluence, where it aground.

Aleksandar Aca Simić (1898-1971), a longtime journalist of the “Politika”, is the first authentic Serbian photographer whose professional engagement in photojournalism brought fully harmonized it with the highest aesthetic standards of photographic art. His photos expressively document and reconstruct the history of Belgrade from the twenties to the sixties of the 20th century.

Belgrade, as the lead role or as a backdrop, is imposing its views and recognizable atmosphere in the photographs of Aca Simić. However, there is also a suppressed humor and a dominant documentary aspect in the photographs of Aca Simić, a careful researcher and a notary of urban scenes.