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Džega-female head cover

Title: Džega-female head cover
Location/Region: Bolman, Baranja
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Etnographic Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Serbian, Orthodox, rural
Material: Silver string, beads
Dimensions: Girth 57 cm
Production Technique: Craftsmanship, embroidery


Made of silver strings, spiral gold wire and silver glass beads. In the shape of oblique edged cone, with a triangular extension of the narrow side. It consists of a rim that is wider at the front and shorter at the back, with a round bottom and triangular extension. The whole piece is composed of stylized, smaller and larger, cut floral motifs. Cavities are filled with spiral gold wire. Large flowers are decorated with strings of beads. These head covers were worn by wedded women.

They were the part of the festive costume of wedded women.