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Kožuh – leather costume jacket

Title: Kožuh – leather costume jacket
Location/Region: Vojka, Stara Pazova
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Etnographic Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Serbian, Orthodox, rural
Material: Leather, fur
Dimensions: L 80 cm
Production Technique: Leather craftsmanship


Made of dark sheepskin. Long below the hips, with long sleeves, slit along the whole front side. Edges are mounted in black sheep fur and red leather ribbon with wavy borders. In the front, below the waist there are oblique cut pockets on each side. On the back, from the waist down the leather is pleated in one pleat on the each side. The starting point is decorated by the application of red leather of irregular shape with the yellow leather detail. Large floral ornaments of colored wool (red, blue, green, purple and white) arranged (on the back, between the pleats, on the front lappets, on the chests and sleeves) in proper ornamental units.

They were worn by wedded women in festive occasions in the winter.

An integral part of formal costumes of wedded women from wealthy families.