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Pančevo Bridge

Title: Pančevo Bridge
Author: Lj. Paler, publisher
Location/Region: Beograd
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Historical Museum of Serbia
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: 1935 - 1941
Dimensions: H 9 cm, L 14 cm
Bibliography: Dr Divnа Đurić Zаmоlо, Bеоgrаd sа stаrih fоtоgrаfiја, Bеоgrаd 1968; S. i D. Vicić, Pоzdrаv iz Bеоgrаdа 1895–1941, Bеоgrаd 2008.


Bridge of King Peter II was designed for rail and road transport. It was 1.370 meters long. It was set on eight pillars and had arched iron bars. It was built by German firm Siemens-Bauunion G. m.b.H. Komm. Completed in 1930, but due to filling of wetlands it was put to use in 1935. Demolished in 1941, and the current bridge on the Danube was built in its place.