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View of the Danube

Title: View of the Danube
Author: Nedeljko Gvozdenović
Location/Region: Belgrade
Chrolonology: 1900 - 2000
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: 1957
Dimensions: 92,5 × 61 cm
Production Technique: Oil on canvas

Маrkоvić Јаsnа, Pејzаži Bеоgrаdа u XX vеku.Bеоgrаd: 2006; Тrifunоvić Lаzаr, Srpskо slikаrstvо 1900-1950. Bеоgrаd: 1973; Pоklоn zbirkа Nеdеlјkа Gvоzdеnоvićа grаdu Bеоgrаdu, ur. Džmеrkоvić Bоžidаr. Bеоgrаd: 1986.


Nedeljko Gvozdenović (1902-1988), a painter, scholar and a major benefactor, began his art education at the International School in Munich with professor Hans Hofmann. He was a professor at the Art Academy in Belgrade and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He bequeathed his property and many of his works of various media to Belgrade - oils, gouaches, tempera, watercolors and drawings, as well as some money to equip the gallery that was opened in 1983. He initiated the establishment of Belgrade Heritage House as a special cultural institution that would take care of donated heritage to the city of Belgrade.

He painted landscapes, still life, interiors and portraits with a poetic atmosphere, delicate coloring, in which, as Mića Popović wrote, painted surfaces do not collide but harmonize and aim at monochrome harmonies. Thus, his paintings are often perceived as blue, green, red, yellow ...