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View on Kalemegdan

Title: View on Kalemegdan
Author: Konstantin Jovanović
Chrolonology: 1800 - 1900
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: 1880-1890
Dimensions: 24,4x33,5 cm
Production Technique: Watercolor


Konstantin Jovanović (1849 - 1925) an architect, painter and a watercolorist. Jovanović received his first drawing lessons from his father Anastas. In the early seventies of the 19th century he went to Italy for further studies. As an architect he was most active in Serbia and Bulgaria in mid-eighties of the 19th century through the twenties of the 20th century, and his architectural style was said to draw heavily from that of the architect Gottfried Semper – one of the most important German architects and architecture theorists in the mid 19th century. Jovanović wrote many articles and discussions about architecture. He also left a number of studies on landscapes and urban architecture in the technique of watercolors and gouaches, done during his frequent travels through Europe and the Balkans. The National Museum has 18 of his works.