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Zemun, 1608

Title: Zemun, 1608
Author: Maximilian Prandstätter
Location/Region: Zemun
Chrolonology: 1600 - 1700
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Closer Dating: 1608
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 35 × 24 cm
Production Technique: Colored drawing
Bibliography: Pеtrоvić Bisеniја i drugi. Мuzеј grаdа Bеоgrаdа, ur. Sеfеrоvić Nаdа. Bеоgrаd: 2003.


A copy of a miniature of Maximilian Prandstätter Diary, who traveled to Istanbul in 1608 as a secretary to the Austrian Embassy for ratification of the peace agreements from Žitva.

Miniature is an example of a visual display of the Turkish domination of Zemun. The drawing was made during the official reception in Belgrade Embassy, because, in exceptional circumstances such as these, the celebration would begin back in Zemun. Like other travelers and travel writers of the time, Prandstätter thought of Zemun as Belgrade suburbs, to which "after Constantinople, Nature gave the most gifts" (according to Anonimous). The drawing clearly depicts Zemun surrounded by palisades with a quadrangular fortress on the hill (Gardoš).