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Fortelizabet / Elisabethfort

On the right bank of the Danube, opposite the famous island fortress Adakale, the Austrian general Hamilton built a fort, named after the Austrian Empress, in 1736.

This solid fortress, with structures adapted to the extremely high, steep and terraced bank of Đevrina (about 3 km upstream from HPP Đerdap I), consisted of several separated bastions and a tall guard tower with an observation post, which dominated the landscape.

The fortress was blown up twice: upon troop withdrawal and building the modern road, during the twentieth century. Ruins of solidly built ramparts of the middle bastions, architecturally connected to the lowest part of the quadrangular bastion fortress can be seen along the Tekija-Kladovo road. The fortress was located on the bank of the river and was submerged during the accumulation in 1970.


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(Text: National Museum in Belgrade – Archaeological Museum Đerdap)