Danube Virtual Museum

Mala Vrbica / Livade

This was a Prehistoric settlement and a necropolis from the developed Bronze Age (Žutо Brdо- Verbicioara culture), the transitional period (Gava), and also containing elements from early stages of the Iron Age as well. It is located on the bank of the Danube, on the Livade site, about 500 m away from Mala Vrbica and about 9 km downstream from Kladovo.

Extraordinary, prehistoric finds from the settlement, the necropoli in Mala Vrbica (and downstream at Korbova and Vajuga), can be seen in the current exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Đerdap in Kladovo.

Since 1986, most of the explored sites downstream from Kladovo (mentioned here) have been submerged.


Ј. (Rаnkоv) Kоndić (text in preprint); for sites and research results see Đеrdаpskе svеske/Cahiers des Portes de Fer/CPF, II/1984, III/1986.

(Text: National Museum in Belgrade – Archaeological Museum Đerdap)