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Zеmun Fortress

On Gardoš, a prominent loess hill overlooking the Danube, there are remains of fortifications from the Austro-Hungarian period (17th – 18th century). The rather small fort (30 x 32 m) had a rectangular base and circular towers, 10 metres in diameter, in the corners. The ramparts of fortifications were built using a combination of stone and brick.

The convenient location which was protected from flooding was favorable for creating a settlement at this place in earlier periods. Large quantities of archaeological material from the Bronze Age and Hallstatt testify that the Gardoš was inhabited in prehistoric times.

During excavations conducted by the Belgrade City Museum in1971 and 1972, remains from the tombs of the late Roman period were discovered beneath the north-eastern tower indicating that a necropolis existed in this area in antiquity.

(Text: Belgrade City Museum)