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Smederevo Fortress

Smederevo Fortress is located on the plain where river Jezava flows into the Danube. The Fortress was built to be the capital of the state and the fortified court of despot Djuradj Brankovic, and to take the place of Belgrade that after the death of despot Stefan in 1427 went back under Hungarian rule. It took great efforts to build it and represents the last great achievement of Serbian military architecture.

The fortress has a triangular base and consists two towns, the Big one and the Small one. In the first phase from 1428 to 1430 the Small town was erected, surrounded on two sides by Jezava and Danube, while on the third side there was a water-ditch. The Big town was mostly built by 1439 and from 1444 to 1453 fortifications were established.

Turks captured the town in 1439 but the Segedin treaty gives the town back to despot Djuradj. It finally falls into Turkish hands in 1459 that in the same time means the end of the Serbian medieval state.

In 1480 the Turks reinforced the whole fortress erecting three eight-angled low cannon towers and conected with lower bulwarks. The Big and Small towns had water-ditches in front of auter bulwarks.

Turks army left Smederevo in 1867, when with six other towns it was put under the authority of prince Mihajlo.