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Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province is a specialized institution that performs activities for the protection of nature and natural resources in the territory of AP Vojvodina.

It was founded in 1966, but has been a part of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, as a department or a work unit in Novi Sad since 1992. However, it was again made the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection and has been so since April 1, 2010. The Institute has a continuity of 45 years in the nature protection of Vojvodina.

Activities of the Institute:

- Monitoring and evaluating the conservation of nature and the extent of its endangerment
- Preparation of studies of protection and drafting documents related to the protection of nature
- Protection of biological, geological and landscape diversity 
- Supervision in the protected areas
- Establishing conditions and nature protection measures in spatial planning and other documentation
- Cooperation with managers, local authorities and NGOs
- Preparing and conducting educational and promotional activities in conservation by organizing exhibitions, seminars, lectures etc.
- Keeping a database in the field of nature conservation
- Performing other tasks defined by the Law on the Nature Protection

The main objectives of nature protection:

1. To increase the area under protection (protected areas, habitats) to 15% of AP Vojvodina;
2. The establishment of the National Ecological Network;
3. The establishment of the Natura 2000 network;
4. Preservation and improvement of the population of strictly protected species;
5. Improving the status of biological, geological and landscape diversity;
6. Education and promotion of environmental protection;
7. Strengthening cross-border cooperation.

Protected Natural Resources

There are 122 areas under protection in Vojvodina, or 5.97% of the total area, including: 15 special nature reserves, 1 national park, 2 areas of outstanding features, 7 nature parks, 1 protected habitat and 90 monuments of the nature.

There are 7 protected areas in Vojvodina proclaimed as Ramsar sites, while one area has been nominated for Ramsar site. There are another 15 sites anticipated as future Ramsar sites. 27 IPA, 21 IBA and 4 PBA are registered. Two areas have been proposed for Biosphere Reserves, 17 areas are part of Emerald Network and 7 significant cross-border areas are also registered.

There are 524 habitats of protected and strictly protected species registered in Vojvodina; 20 ecologically significant areas and 12 ecological corridors of international importance that are part of the ecological network of the Republic of Serbia.

Natural History Exhibition

There is a permanent natural history exhibition on an 800 square metre area showing an affluence of biological and geological diversity of our country. Throughout the year, thematically diverse exhibitions take place. Our permanent exhibition used to be in the Тopovnjača building at the Petrovaradinska Fortress, but since 1993 all exhibits have been transferred to a new purpose-built building in 20a Radnička Street.

A skull with tusks of a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), excavated in 1947 from the riverbed of the Tisa river in Novi Bečej, dominates the natural history exhibition. The skull is well preserved and is considered to be a unique specimen not only in the territory of our country, but also in Europe.

The exhibition presents the oldest artifact in the ornithological collection, dermoplastic winged preparation of griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) from 1910 found at the Obedska Lake, legacy of Đorđe Šević from Novi Sad.

The Institute strives to achieve a modern and contemporary way of presentation of natural materials. Therefore, in addition to the classical systematic exhibition in showcases, materials are also exhibited as dioramas. Our Natural history exhibition in the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection opens its doors to everyone interested in a better understanding of the values, characteristics and activities with regard to the preservation of our natural heritage.

(Text: Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province)


Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province
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