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Special Nature Reserve „Kоvilјskо-pеtrоvаrаdinski rit“

SNR "Koviljsko Petrovaradinski Rit" is the largest preserved marsh complex, with the whole area located in the flooded part of the Danube zone at its middle course through Serbia.

The reserve consists of two separate parts connected by the course of the river Danube. Petrovaradinski Rit makes a smaller unit at the reserve and is located on the right bank of the Danube, while the much larger part of the Reserve, located on the left bank of the Danube, is Koviljski Rit, connected to Krčedinska Ada and part of the Gardinovački Rit

International status

IBA (Important Bird Areas) - internationally important bird area
ICPDR - SNR "Koviljsko Petrovaradinski Rit" was added to the list of protected water-dependent areas significant for the Danube basin in 2004.
IPA (Important Plant Areas) – internationally important plant area
NETWORK OF PROTECTED AREAS ON THE DANUBE (Danube Network Protected areas) – added to the Danube Network Protected areas in 2007
RAMSAR SITES - added to the List of marshy areas of international importance under the Ramsar Convention

Basic values

• preservation and diversity of native forms of orographic and hydrographic marshlands such as: river islands, with Krčedinska Ada as the largest and most significant, the old water effluents, the so called Dunavac, meanders, shallower, deeper depressions and ponds, as well as coastal beams formed by erosive and accumulative processes;
• the preservation of ecosystem diversity characteristic of the floodplains of large lowland rivers: marshlands, white oak forests, ash, forests of black and white poplar, white willow forests, wet meadows, communities of white and yellow water lillies, water caltrop, etc.
• The diversity and abundance of flora: 443 taxons, while highly protected and protected rare and endangered species indicate the authenticity, such as: Cyperus glomeratus, calamus, floating fern, clover, krock, common bladderwort, Hottonia palustris, white and yellow water lilies, water caltrop and 37 other nationally and internationally protected species.
• Natural fish tours

Diversity and abundance of fauna:

42 species of insects

• Mosquito larvae (Diptera, Culicidae),
• Mayflies (Ephemeroptera),
• Dragonflies (Odonata),
• Hoverflies (Epistrophe melanostoma and Neoascia interrupta)

26 species of fish

• Balkan Loach (Cobitis elongata),
• European weatherfish (Misgurnus fossilis),
Gymnocephalus balonii
• European Bitterling (Rhodeus sericeus amarus),
• Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus),
• Pike (Esox lucius),
• Common bream (Abramis brama),
• Asp (Aspius aspius),
• Common carp (Cyprinus carpio),
• Ide (Leuciscus idus),
• European perch (Perca fluviatilis),
• Zander (Sander lucioperca),
• Wels catfish (Silurus glanis).

11 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptiles

• Green frog (Pelophylax kl. esculenta),
• Pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae),
• Marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus),
• Smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris),
• Great crested newt (Triturus cristatus).
• European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis),
• Natrix (Natrix natrix),
• Dice snake (Natrix tessellata).
• Sand lizard (Lacerta agilis),
• European green lizard (Lacerta viridis),
• Common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis),
• Aesculapean snake (Zamenis longissimus).

206 species of birds

• Colonial waterbirds, herons and cormorants,
• Black kite (Milvus migrans),
• Ferruginous duck (Аythya nyroca),
• Black stork (Ciconia nigra),
• White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla).

26 species of mammals

• Wild cat (Felis silvestris),
• European otter (Lutra lutra),
• Common shrew (Sorex araneus),
• Euroasean water shrew (Neomys fodiens),
• Wetland shrew (Neomys anomalus),
• Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus),
• Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius),
• Beech marten (Martes foina),
• Wild boar (Sus scrofa),
• European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)
SNR "Koviljsko Petrovaradinski Rit" covers 5895,3097 ha.
I degree of protection is established on 375,7706 ha (6%),
II degree of protection is established on 1670,5449 ha (28 %),
III degree of protection is established on 3849,4875 ha (66 %).

Special Nature Reserve „Kоvilјskо-pеtrоvаrаdinski rit“

(Text: Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province)